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Nowy pacz do EU IV

Kiler dnia 9 maja, 2015 o 0:04    7 

Paradox Interactive zapowiedziało kolejnego patcha do laureata Złotej Podkowy 2014 o tytule 1.12 wprowadzającego jakieś zmiany.
EU IV Common Sense
Przy okazji będzie można dokupić DLC do patcha o nazwie “Common Sense”, który zawierać będzie parę małych zmian:
– Parliaments: The English crown and other constitutional systems of government can now use their flexible system to pass laws through parliaments
– National Churches: Protestant kingdoms can customize their new faith and make it a true partner to the throne.
– New Religious Systems: Buddhism and Protestantism both get fresh coats of faith-based paint
– New Options For Subject States: Once just tiny money faucets, recent expansions have made vassals and colonial nations more useful. Common Sense gives you new tools to exploit them or keep them in line
– Government Ranks: As you invest in the development of your nation, you can climb from a small duchy to a major empire, unlocking new benefits.
– New Government mechanics: Theocracies will have new actions and mechanics to highlight their unique character, and the Holy Roman Empire can create Free Cities

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