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Asy I Wojny Światowej na Steam

gniewquo dnia 19 czerwca, 2013 o 6:35    4 

Rise of Flight wyląduje niebawem na Steamie.

Niestety/stety posiadanego już konta nie będzie można połączyć z tą steamową wersją.

Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition coming soon to Steam!

Dear Pilots,

Since its original release 4 years ago, Rise of Flight has won hearts of thousands of WWI aviation fans and has been showered with some great awards and recognition. Thanks to your constant support we keep on working on the game's content and its essential features bringing you the best WWI flight-sim experience ever. Today we're pleased to announce that Rise of Flight will soon be available on Steam. This means more players from all around the world can take part in the most realistically re-created air battle experience of the First World War on their PC.

Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition is the most comprehensive edition of ROF yet released. ROF:CBE includes the Channel Map, ten flyable aircraft, a special mission-set for the Channel Map specifically designed for the Steam version. ROF:CBE also includes all the core features of Rise of Flight which includes a Quick Mission Builder, Single Missions, Three Campaigns, Pilot Career and Multiplayer modes of gameplay. Whether a new virtual pilot or a veteran, there is something for everyone!

In addition to the main game, we will also release several DLC content packages that include additional flyable planes, field modifications, weapon modifications and personal pilot items like scarves, streamers and pistols. These DLC packages are to be released simultaneously alongside the Channel Battles Edition. This will give new Steam users the ability to rapidly set their Rise of Flight content up-to-date. Thus, we give Steam players the freedom to purchase any additional content without delay from the release date.

It should be noted that the release of ROF:CBE on Steam will have no impact on the operation of ROF for existing non-Steam users. Also, Steam users will be able to fly with you in ROF multiplayer servers. We know that the existing ROF community will make new Steam users feel welcome!

Stay tuned to the news section and community forums for more info on the Steam release. And join us in the ROF Steam community to stay in touch with WWI virtual pilots from all over the world.