Update #2 do Assetto Corsa online!

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assetto corsa update 2

Brrruummm brrruuuum!

Jeśli ktogoś zainteresował artykuł, który popełniłem na temat nowej PCtowej ściganki Assetto Corsa, może ucieszyć się na wieść, że Devsi, kontynuują obiecany co-2 tygodniowy update swojego tytułu.
Podobnie jak poprzednio, dostajemy 3 nowe fury i 2 nowe tory, a także nowy reflection shading.

Aktualizacja pobiera się oczywiście automatycznie na Steamie.

Dla zainteresowanych, changelog z najnowszego update’a:

New tracks
Silverstone GP Circuit. The awesome British circuit is now available also in its GP layout: it has been meticulously reproduced using laser scanning technology, allowing you to feel every bump, kerb and detail with the maximum fidelity.
Vallelunga-Club -Drift. This layout of the italian track of Vallelunga features a reduced length and represents an ideal scenario for club races and drift tricks.

New cars
McLaren MP4-12C
Lotus Evora S
Lotus Exige S Roadster

Also featuring
New car liveries
New showroom – Hangar
New showroom selection
New car mode selection: Drift

Changelog Early Access 0.3
Added McLaren Mp4-12C
Added Lotus Exige S Roadster
Added Lotus Evora S
Added Silverstone GP track
Added Vallelunga Club track
Fixed broken right side on OculusVR
Improved reflection shading
Implemented save setup on exit
Added saturation control
In game telemetry :: fixed seconday bugs
Python :: added isAcLive method to know if the simulation is active or not
Fixed showroom triple screen central view bug
X360 gamepad steer speed exposed
Track cameras improved
Drift mode: fixed rear gear drifting
Replay length setting exposed
Fixed circular replay
Fixed backfire flames on non-hdr rendering
New shared memory implementation 1.0 (Physics, Graphic thread and static info)
Tyre wear rate is now honoring Realism settings
Fuel consumption is now honoring Realism settings
Improved BMW M3 e92 (all variants) interior and exterior sounds
Added exterior gear shift sounds
Tweaked tyre scrub pitch variation for some cars
Added damper adjustments in Lotus 2-11 and Scura
Adjusted engine brake in Lotus 4 cylinder engines
Fixed bugs with Toe setup values in Tatuus FA01
Added Chinese & Russian localizations
Added camera shake & g-force effect view options
Added XBOX360 gamepad steering speed option
Added new event hooks for loading external launcher modules (loadModules & beforeLoadModules)
Fixed various minor layout problems in launcher default theme
Fixed Drift mode end session
Fixed unlockable achievements
Fixed replay interface animation
Fixed long output logs on system timer drift detection
Fixed auto shifter (ctrl+g) for wheel [now requestedCarIndex is reset when shifter is not active]
Fixed achievements on replay
Fixed time attack penalty on restart

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