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40 myśli nt. „Takiej nocy się nie zapomina, jeszcze trochę wiedźmińskiego hajpu

  1. aryman222

    UKRYTA PRAWDA w trailerze:

    “After 3 long years The Witcher: Wild Hunt is finally ready to go.
    The reviews are already out and the reception is amazing.
    We can’t wait to hand our baby over to you.

    It is a very important milestone for all of us here.
    We went from 50 people in the first Witcher
    to over 200 creating a massive world of Wild Hunt.

    It’s a grand scale now, but the nuance and soul of the series is intact.
    We won’t have it any other way.

    This is one for the fans who supported us all this time
    Those who cheered for a different kind of fantasy.

    One that’s dark unsettling and personal.
    Here’s something to sweeten these last days of waiting
    Here’s “A Night to Remember,”
    A short, spoiler free cinematic.

    PS: In terms of scale, let us just say the town of Novigrad has over 2000 openable doors! Imagine the mass of load time it would generate in The Witcher 1 ;)”

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