Paczka audiobooków Star Wars od Humble Bundle

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W Humble Books Bundle tym razem nie książki, a książki dźwiękowe, w tym słuchowisko na podstawie oryginalnej Trylogii, niestety rozbite według kolejnych progów. Możemy posłuchać głosu Marka Hammila, ale Harrisona Forda i reszty ekipy już nie ma. Dodatkowo dwa tomy Tales of the Jedi, osobna historia Dark Empire, a za co najmniej $15 dolarów trylogia Williama C. Dietza, oparta na serii gier Dark Forces.

Opisy wrzucę po angielsku, bo audiobooki są w tym języku. Dla ciekawych linki do sklepu Audible, gdzie jest więcej informacji niż na stronie Humble Bundle, są też inne fragmenty do posłuchania.

Próg podstawowy, co najmniej $1:
Star Wars 1Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama – This landmark production, perhaps the most ambitious radio project ever attempted, began when Star Wars creator George Lucas donated the story rights to an NPR affiliate. Writer Brian Daley adapted the film’s highly visual script to the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, creating a more richly textured tale with greater emphasis on character development.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – Follow the adventures of Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider, young Jedi Knights drawn into battle against the dark side, a battle that may decide the fate of the planet and the galaxy!


Drugi próg, powyżej średniej $13,12:

Tales of the JediStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – takes you once more into a galaxy of pure sound and limitless imagination for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith – Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider and young Jedi Knights drawn into a battle for the survival of the Old Republic. But as the power of the evil Sith spreads across the galaxy, it threatens the existence of the Jedi themselves, and draws one of their greatest allies over to the dark side!

Star Wars: Dark Empire – Han Solo and Princess Leia, now married, struggle to protect their twin children from danger. Darth Vader is dead, but a reborn Empire strikes back against the Rebel Alliance, and the Rebels discover that their greatest foe may be their closest friend: Luke Skywalker!


Trzeci próg, co najmniej $15:

Dark ForcesStar Wars: Return of the Jedi – Like its predecessors, this electrifying drama boasts a splendid cast (including Anthony Daniels as See-Threepio and Ed Asner as Jabba the Hutt), a greatly expanded script, with many scenes and characters not found in the movie, and audio engineering of unparalleled excellence.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Collector’s Trilogy – Kyle Katarn has joined the ranks of legendary Star Wars heroes such as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. A timeless adventure of revenge and honor, the trilogy is set in a shimmering universe of sound that only CD technology can fully capture. In Soldier for the Empire, Kyle Katarn, having just graduated from the Imperial Military Academy, learns of his father’s murder. On his way home, he meets a Rebel agent, learns the ugly truth about the way in which his father died, and swears revenge.


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