Jak światek ocenia Aliena?

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Isolation is the best Alien game I’ve ever played, I’m in no doubt about that. Even in its awkward moments it is doing something interesting with the license, exploring the edges of what is possible in its world, quietly and discreetly. I expect the debate about certain design choices to be loud and long. At the centre of the debate will be one of the finest entries in the Alien canon in any medium, and one of the finest horror experiences in ours.


Bottom Line: Alien: Isolation can be frustrating, but it’s mostly terrifying in a near-perfect way. The Alien is scarier than it’s been since Ridley Scott first showed it to the world, and the atmosphere is thick enough to cut.

Joystiq – 4 gwiazdki na 5

Kotaku – Yes

Polygon – 6,5/10

destructoid – 8,5/10

Eurogamer.net – 8/10

computerandvideogames – 8/10

Materiał Jima Sterlinga jak przytula się z Alienem jak ktoś chce patrzeć

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